Pen Incest: A project by Dana Nechmad and Samir Nahas, Design by Joe Carpenter.
Printed, assembled and bound by the collaborators in editions of ten. My task as designer was to replicate the process of the nomadic sketchbooks being shared between artists worldwide. The project was a feat of engineering as the circulation of the books created overlapping conversations of illustrations. I used layers of transparent pages to separate illustrations which are on the same page, but drawn at different times by different people in an additive process. This, to preserve the timelines and evolution of the books and the communication, as pages of the circulating sketchbook were scanned periodically through their life cycle. (printed size 11x15)
"Pen incest gathers a group of 24 artist from a specific [but changing location for each issue]. Over the course of 16 weeks two books are circulated. The participants are invited to react to two themes as well as to each other's work. Through time and along the pages, marks of all kinds appear behind the folds. Without losing any of its playful nature the book becomes a platform for visual conversation, arguments, jokes and confessions.
–Dana + Samir, opening reception, Zhou B Gallery, Chicago

NINTH LETTER: instructor, creative direction and project management
(Ninth Letter is a 400 level course at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
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