NINTH LETTER is a bi-annual publication/class comprised of writing submissions from around the world to the Creative Writing department at the University of Illinois. Art + Design students, junior and senior standing apply to the course with a portfolio and create a book of the submitted works, printed in an edition of 3,500. The course and design is under the constraints of a print budget and publishers deadline. Each book/semester is from scratch for optimum learning experience.

I created a deadline schedule and together with students, (eight total) engineered a timeline, process and designed piece in ten weeks. I organized visits with printers, editors, authors and artists for fully integrated experience. We reserved space for an Art Feature, which two undergraduate students wanted to manage. Under my direction (with a great deal of freedom, as they were on top of things) they interviewed, photographed, edited and designed a feature for local gallery in Urbana Illinois run by PhD candidate Bert Stabler and Katie Fizdale.
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