Intermediate typography for minors in Art + Design: Foundations of contemporary typography were examined and critiqued cooperatively, as was the work created. Concentration on conceptual production of type—mnemonic to kinetic—fostered technical knowledge. Medium, topic, technique and delivery were in the student’s imaginative abilities and contextual to concept. Diverse scholarship of students and flexible course design promoted peer pedagogy in a progressive learning environment. Students developed unique understandings of typography to suit individual needs and research via non-prescriptive guidance and resources. Students were free to collaborate and transgress as needed. 
*cover image by Mirna Ljevar
GREY TYPE *from Rachele Riley of University North Carolina Greensboro: work by
Audrey Chou + Kristy Vuong
STENCIL: work by Tiffany Teng + Audrey Chou, Crystal Chen, Jada Hampton, Philipp Merbeler
MNEMONIC TYPE: work by Crystal Chen, Evan Richter, Jeremy Dembowski + Mirna Ljevar
"RULES" mimicry / trace / set type.
"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like and artist" –Picasso according to Banksy
Template given to students as seen below
CREATE A TYPEFACE: suggested fontstruct: student choice
work by Tiffany Teng: emoji test 
Jennah Bartodziei: Rorschach 
Mirna Ljevar: coordinates
Philipp Merbeler: united nations charter and typeface, (ft. the united nations)
Zhengbang Chen: keyboard demo 
Mirna Ljevar: plotter (you) 
Han Yan: machine learning: type (algorithm type generator more here)
Nora Mokate: moving text
Jeremy Dembowski: dice (name generator) 

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