Disingenuous rhetoric and calculated jargon exists in many arenas and disciplines, especially those relating to consumerism. If cultural, government and education institutions used the language of the graphic design industry, how would these entities, their performance and their public(s) be affected?
I fed a bot a few thousand assets from design studio’s, ad agencies and freelance designer’s bios, Behance, project briefs, descriptions** etc. The bot—a frankenstein of code assembled from github—acts as a translator using a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN, links below). The bot recognizes patterns and attempts to build context, merging selected copy with the previously collected designer’s assets. The bot will change any imported institution’s mission statement, bio etc. with a simple copy / paste.  
Below are screenshots from websites of institutions. The left image is marked with a yellow dot to indicate the bot's generated copy on the manipulated website. The right is the original site and copy. 
**At the bottom of this page there are examples of designer's work used here

RNN-torch / RNN-writer (bot currently down: 02/13/2020)

U.S. Department of Education 
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Illinois Freedom of Information Act
Wisconsin Department of Corrections
Library of Congress
Art Institute of Chicago
Mayo Clinic
United States Constitution 
Screenshots from leading industry practitioners websites
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