Sculpture and other ephemera 
HOMOnym (Sticks and Stones)
fags, rocks, twine, digital image 2012
Peaking in the 17th and 18th centuries, homosexuality (deemed ‘faggotry') was punishable by death in the British Empire and Colonial Americas where the pejorative term originated. Homosexuals could be burned at the stake, over ‘faggots’ or bundles of sticks. This, in reference to the bodies of gay men seen as nothing more than kindling or fire-starter.
FREE!RARE!ORIGINAL! (nothing is sacred) 
snow, stones, digital images 2014
measure (exposure is abstraction)
cardboard, digital image 2013
water, digital image 2014
ANAGRAMS (cast dirt and cement) 
digital image, 2012
Laozi (meme, meme, meme)
digital image 2011
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