Oil Cultures of the Middle East and Latin America (OCMELA)
Parts resemble oil derricks from different perspectives while type acts as representation of oil. Soviet era styles, and geopolitical references (passport) for collective of globally based researchers and academics. 
Chosen mark and elements
Proposed concepts OCMELA
Krannert Center /  Dance at Illinois and College of Fine + Applied Arts promo, 2013-2014
Ken Nordine: Word Jazz (2010)
Flibberty Jibb & What Time Is It  
Spoken word poems transcribed into two accordion books. All punctuation was replaced with type style variations, the time sequences are visualized and the paper is semi transparent to preserve Ken Nordine’s unique voice.

9.5x8.5 folded, 105x8.5 unfolded. Printed on vellum architecture roll for slight transparency and seamless construction complimenting the narrative.
LOGO: production company, (Mass Ornament, Chicago) metal band (burn the ides, Madison WI), band logo/merch (Garland Greene, Madison WI) and self created roller skate meet-up fluid mark, (Groove is in the Park),
HOMOnym (Sticks and Stones)
fags, rocks, twine, digital image 2012
Peaking in the 17th and 18th centuries, "faggotry" was punishable by death in the British Empire and Colonial Americas where the pejorative term originated. Homosexuals could be burned at the stake, over ‘faggots’ or bundles of sticks. This, in reference to the bodies of homosexuals seen as nothing more than kindling or fire-starter. The piece lasted an estimated three hours before it was destroyed.
SPRINT LOGO REDESIGN for volunteer design marathon 
Forward Learning Youth & Young Adults (FLYY), 2014


logo and farecard
Lines and Stations 
Business card recycle program using discarded farecards
"DESIGNER" (said consumerism)
Digital Image, 2015
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