Collaboration/improvisation with dancer and choreographer Elise Frost. Elise's concept (from my perspective) looked at sex and violence (not necessarily unified, but also not separate) performed as a connection on a cellular level. Seen in THIS IS ALL FACT*
Armory Free Theater
Urbana Illinois
P̶L̶A̶C̶E̶B̶O̶: With choreographer Elise Frost at Dance at Illinois and Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, I auditioned and was selected along with three undergraduate and two graduate dance students for movement research and MFA thesis work, P̶L̶A̶C̶E̶B̶O̶. Rehearsal and research of one academic year culminated in a four night, 45-minute performance at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. The work focused on human connections at a cellular level as well as the controlling and often violent elements of choreography and design. Below are a few experiments performed by the collaborators with Elise's direction and participation. Elise was present in the process, evolving the work during live performances and rehearsals alike. The piece is an infinite living work.
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