Introduces exercises and processes to foster creativity and the development of unique ideas for graphic design, advertising and digital applications. –Graphic Design, Madison College Catalog

Eight week course focusing on process, authorship and collaboration. Students worked in self-discovered mediums to fit the concept or communication. Prompts promoted fluid workspaces, dialog and dynamic modalities for working and learning. Prompts centered around concepts in education (mimicry, tutorials), design and industry (control, product placement) and contemporary issues (adaptation).
Dimitrius Olver: Economic Protection Agency @OfficialEPAGov
Sophia Izydor and Dee Juniper Lewis: BloodBooks $19.95
Joshua Bausch: Stick-n-Poke 
Dimitrius Olver: Pee In Your Car
Joshua Bausch: Trash Notifications
Sensors on garbage receptacles connect to your smart phone (app with gps for
location) which measures and notifies you of your refuse statistics. Weight and sensors on garbage bins are tracked on social media as your materials, behaviors and stats are public for accountability.  
Piper Vollmer: Just as Married 
App for distance weddings / environmentally friendly celebrations free of travel and materials: Download, sign-in from "invitation," choose your dessert and beverage which will be shipped to you with other wedding artifacts (or choose your own / have guests get own supplies). Then, stream the wedding, toast and celebrate live from your device. Proceeds go to a charity of wedding couple's choice.  
Dimitrius Olver: Coke
Anna Krylova: Game of Overtones
Piper Vollmer: Kitsch Dropping 
Dropping: Sneak into a fancy department store, dress the mannequin (product) in ugly thrifted outfit (goods). The opposite of shoplifting. - Urban Dictionary
Kitsch: noun: art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.

adjective: considered to be in poor taste but appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.
-Oxford English Dictionaries

Place unique, hand enhanced products with special messages in store with original products. 
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