The ANTI-APP was designed with the intention of creating dialog amongst its users in physical form. Thinking of community and its contemporary meaning, the “app” helps users find a location based on icons powered by Google Maps. The “app” is the environment chosen where users will meet other ANTI-APP users via physical objects (blaze orange) presented at participating business’. Coffee mug (cafe), napkin (restaurant), coaster (tavern), shopping basket (grocery) etc. form a visual cue that informs users to whom is using the app and allows for meeting in physical spaces.
The concept was inspired by hankie codes of queer communities in the 70’s and 80’s to inform a community of your status. The idea grants permission to engage with your community or a community. This permission—though seemingly not needed—is a symptom of technology, as community is often filtered through digital devices. 
The “app” is only for use by local businesses and it is encouraged for them to find unique ways of maintaining the objects through upcycling, using existing materials, hire local artisans etc. The ANTI-APP’s lack of functionality, leaves the creative possibilities in the hands of its users. PRESS 
ANTI-APP functionality demo
clickable version here
Select establishment based on icon: coffee mug = coffee shop, tent fold napkin = restaurant, coasters = tavern,
basket = grocery store, where you will find corresponding object 
Screens/Functions: introduction 
Use and tap function 
Use and function with map, as well as info, key and contact
Info, key, and business instructions for implementation 
Implementation instructions for business' requesting the ANTI-APP
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