COMPLETE RESEARCH DOCUMENT: chapters available in individual research subjects

This thesis is to explore and construct speculative conversations for
the design industry, education and subsequent audience(s) through
performed criticisms. Asking: How can design—and more specifically the
designer—perform as mimicry for exposures of power and exploration
of possibility? With the elimination of the distance between designer and
audience, often associated with traditional object and artifact based
practices, the interwoven ethics and accountability of all parties involved
are visually and theoretically available and critiqued. In a reflective and
participatory design process examining the brand and identity, aesthetics
and surrounding ideology, is critiqued using three characters which the
author performs the role, brand, and design process of. These personas
explore theatrics and activism through systems and processes in design and
the topic, community, or institution at the center of the discussion. These
performances create languages which perform as a mediating mechanisms.
To be broad, surveillance, supremacy, and education, are researched and
critiqued as designed “interpellation” / conforming devices and systems,
which are explored with the ethics of the individual and the collective as focal
points. Not speaking truth to power, but rather, who can speak to power, and how (mimicry).