Pee on Me: Mimicry and Speculative Mediation via Social Practice
Education and Design
Pee on Me: techniques in design ecology at the school of design ecology in the
college of social arts and medicine © 2039.
Dr. Labcoate (pronounced Lōb•coh) instructs courses (Pee on Me: techniques in design ecology) in the year 2039. An epidemic and famine struck the world in 2020 due to the monopolizing behavior of Monsanto. A fungus attacked and wiped out the corn crop (the one remaining species, created by the monopoly) worldwide. The character explores speculative alternatives of design / education through a course mimicking (bordering mocking) traditional design education. How can fiction and utopias through performance and education be the conduit of change in contemporary and future institutions of learning, using design as a tool for the latter? And, what are the ethics involved in community based work, as well as the ethics of all parties affiliated of
said institutions? How can education address ethics and how does design influence, support or oppose ethics and conversations in education and industry?
full course video here
ARTIFACTS: Lab coat, PowerPoint for course, (top right) name tag (middle right)
plant course promo left in bathrooms, (bottom left) test tube "land test" for course to practice 'healing the land' (center)
Selected screens from course "PowerPoint"
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