Intro Art + Design course for Engineering and Computer Science students, open to all areas of the University. My curriculum introduced the 'Principles + Elements' of design (line, shape, space, texture, value, type, color) through self-expression and conceptual, observational research under a use and share what you know philosophy, which built a platform and vocabulary. We explored 'Tools + Theories' looking at type, grids, and concepts/theories surrounding, including creating our own. Then to 'Process + Application' where we compiled knowledge and used skills acquired and previously held. Students engaged in discussion and collaboration after presented prompt. Inspiration(s) and concepts were shared collectively by all parties. Text, image, video, narration, music and performance were used in the creation and instruction to integrate multi-dimensional learning/styles and methodologies for diverse learning styles and fields of study. Transgression and misinterpretation were encouraged within individual’s framework of studies. Student/peer articulation of work in final—and in-process—critiques harbored learning and peer-teaching across disciplines, exposing processes and theories from fields often unfamiliar to students and instructors.
Overview + Schedule
LINE< SPACE<SHAPE: work by Ke Xu, Anish Srinivasan, Demos tsellos, Mirna Ljevar, Jennifer Chen + Philipp Merbeler
TEXTURE: work by Evan Richter + Amie Schneider
VALUE: work by Edwin Zen, Evan Richter + JR Chen
COLOR: work by Devonte Harris, Eloy Lopez, Jennifer Martinez + Zhangming Zhu
TYPE + GRID adapted from Ingrid Slamer (Madison College, Madison WI) 
work by Guan Hao, Jessie young, Pranay Pagraka, Rufei Du
EXPERIENCE DERÍVE: work by collaborations and random instructions written and performed by students. no rules
IMAGE MAKING: work by anonymous, Amie Schneider2, Evan Richter2, Samid Jamil, Sienna Walsch
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